Not more???

23 11 2011

Back in the 1960’s and 1970’s there were various Christian commentators, Francis Schaeffer being one of the most notable who said, as more and more our Western societies become godless, the moral base will be eroded and we will see more and more examples of human greed, selfishness and so on. Now I know I have rumbled on in this blog about this many times already, but until something changes I’m going to keep on rumbling about until hopefully my voice, alongside others, will stir consciences and generally add to God’s voice speaking to the nation.

These thoughts have been provoked yet again by this morning’s Times newspaper with the headline, “Rotten culture at heart of England rugby” and the comment about the failed England World Cup Ruby team, “Many of the England players … were motivated by greed rather than ambition”. Also on the page is the story of yet another cabinet member in a lobbying controversy, the second in the last month. Meanwhile on the inside pages the investigation into press phone tapping continues. The concerns over grooming young teenage girls for sex work continues as a worrying story.

All told we have ongoing echoes of self-centred behaviour (that the Bible would call ‘unrighteous’) that emanate from a godless society – and the two thing DO go together. This will be sufficient to just tap in another of those markers that say to this society, “Weighed and found wanting”.  The thing is that wherever you look in our society here today, these self-centred and godless markers are appearing, in every level of society.










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