Crumbling Morality

22 07 2011

I nearly didn’t write this blog. One gets so used to what goes on that I sometimes think we’re all like that proverbial frog that doesn’t realise that as the water starts heating up it is going to boil to death. The ongoing nature of what happens in our Western world – and I’m writing about Britain – means that we become blasé about it.

I mean how many of us us still think about the bankers and money movers who essentially caused what we now refer to as ‘the credit crunch’ by their greed? They are past history and as imbibers of modern media we simply move on to the next big news item – but their greed is still there waiting to emerge when given a chance. Since then we had the scandal of MP’s expenses – again greed  stepping over acceptable boundaries, but again that is now past history.

The present chaos has become an even bigger mess of wrangling people who stepped over acceptable lines – MP’s,  journalists, news proprietors, and police, they’re all in the mix and what a messy mix it is. Jaded opinion says, they’re all as bad as one another. Jaded opinion says the MP’s are out to get the Press for having exposed their fiddling. Jaded opinion says the Press involve the police just to spread the muck and involve the MP’s. Pigs fighting in the mud in the sty it seems.

But why are we surprised? This site has a Christian dimension to it and we and many other Christian commentators have been saying it loud and clear for a number of years – when you remove God from the equation you have no other absolute by which to measure what is right and wrong, and therefore our society is left not so much as that famous quote at the end of the book of Judges – “everyone did as he saw fit”, but more as “everyone does what he thinks he can get away with.”

And there is the folly. You can shout as much as you like that there isn’t a God but the fact is, there IS  and He does act into His world and what we are seeing is one of the many proofs of that. The Bible portrays it and we’ve been seeing it – God who brings out into the open all the dirty goings on so that they may be seen and judged.

A number of us have also said, that the ‘credit crunch’ was but a warning and worse would follow if there was no repentance. Well the repentance is not obvious so get ready for worse. When the IMF warns that Europe is on the edge and may cause global financial collapse don’t be too hasty in breathing a sigh of relief when ‘historic’ packages seem to be agreed.  It may be that or it may be something else, but we have been warned. The only problem is, as I have found many times, sin is equated with stupidity. So often, in retrospect, we look at what has now been revealed and wonder how people could be so obviously stupid as to step over such ethical lines and put themselves in such positions as they now try to squirm out of. Well, sin is equated with stupidity.  Saying sorry genuinely (not merely because you’ve been caught) and changing outlook and behaviour is the only answer. In the absence of that, watch this space for the next episode in the ongoing saga of sinful, godless men and women who still think that “they can get away with it.”











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