Rape is Wrong

14 06 2011

Rape is Wrong

I am trying to think clearly. We live in a strange age where emotions often rule over cold logic.  The sentence that set me off on this train of thought was this: “The Slut Walk through London drew 5000 marchers, angry at the assumption that immodest dress invites rape.” Now this is a page which, by its very title has a strong Christian edge to it. I sometimes think that we Christians don’t realise the importance of the world view that we have and how opposing views contravene common sense.

Before anyone throws a brick, verbal or otherwise, at me, I had better say that I am utterly against all form of rape and find the very concept of rape horrendous. But it doesn’t stop there, or at least it shouldn’t. In Common Law, contributory negligence declares that if you contributed towards the harm caused by another’s negligence your damages will be reduced, which brings us back to the suggestion that immodest dress invites rape.

So let’s be right upfront about this: no it shouldn’t – if you lived in paradise (or heaven), but we don’t!  In a perfect world we, the male population, would look on the scanty beauty passing by us (or sitting infront of us in a bar) and go, “Wow! How beautiful!” but if anyone thinks that is how a large part of the male population thinks, then they have lost track of reality.

So here is a person on a diet, and you offer them a burger. Is that kind? Here’s a guy fighting to stay off drugs and you offer him a free supply. Is that kind? Am I equating sexual availability with food or drugs? Not quite but in today’s climate, it’s not too far off!

The words that come to mind to describe the ‘slut mentality’ are hypocritical, ingenuous, or at best naïve. Does the modern woman not know what drives a male – especially in their younger years? If she wants to attract a male what does she do? Dress to attract, or perhaps undress to attract – at least in today’s climate.

My wife and I (presumably for lack of anything else to do) have recently been watching early episodes of the American hospital drama series (well fifteen series actually!), ER. These were made quite a number of years back but what is “normal” in these episodes are the couples jumping in and out of bed with each other so easily. Yes, they do confront unwanted pregnancies and AIDS but that doesn’t stop it happening. We live in a sex-soaked society and if you are a young male with the Internet, pornography is just screaming at you, and with that increased desire. From every angle the media tell us that we live in a totally permissive age where everyone is sleeping around – at least that is how some perceive it.

Here’s where the Christian realistic perspective kicks in. Yes, rape is bad, and yes rape shouldn’t happen, but in a Fallen World where people do bad things, if you lead them up to the line of acceptability, when all other standards are being made flexible, don’t be surprised when a number of men, having sex draped infront of them, push the line of acceptability back a bit.  After all, may go their thinking, if you have been behaving like a slut and have had sex with six different men in the last six days/weeks/months, what’s the big deal with you having it with me, because everything about you says you want it.

Of course that’s wrong says you and me, but I say it from a God perspective where God knows how we best work and he respects each and every person, but if you haven’t got that perspective, if you’re still trying to pull the “Respect me because…” line without such an absolute, I have to suggest you have lost touch with this society of ours and cannot read the minds of men who you’ve been leading on.

Rape is wrong? Of course it is, but so is leading men on. You can’t have it both ways in this modern permissive culture. Walk and demonstrate all you like, but all you’re doing is making yourself look foolish to many of us, and even more tempting to others. Not a smart move! I don’t agree with the permissive male thinking I’ve been referring to, but I believe our society has accentuated it.




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