Time Moves on

7 11 2010

There are, I guess, a number of reasons why people post blogs. I suppose the simplest is that they feel they have something to say and for some it is obviously a means of communicating with a wide group of friends, acquaintances or even watchers. Strangely I write this particular blog for none of the above reasons. I write simply as a ‘diary note’ for myself and because I haven’t written here for over six weeks.

My last writing here simply noted some of the good things that the Pope said in his visit to the UK at the end of the Summer, but that seems a long time ago now. The seasons have moved on and the days are now shorter, the clocks have gone back, and the leaves are rapidly turning yellow or red and falling. This morning we had our second frost of the Autumn.

Time doesn’t ‘feel’ like it flows smoothly.  We’re planning to be away for a couple of days in December with some of the family and one of them commented yesterday, “It’s less than a month away now” and I felt shocked. Where had the year gone? How had we arrived in November this quickly? There are those who say the older you get the faster time seems to fly and yet I am sure that there must be some elderly people with little to do for whom time drags.

I probably ought to note, just for the record, that on the first Sunday of October we launched a new website – http://www.rochfordlife.com – the purpose of which is to build and bless our town by proving a platform on which to show any and every shop, business, club, group and organisation in the town. Yes, it is a long-term project! It has been a fun month and I have found myself talking to people I never even knew existed. It has perhaps been one of the busiest months of my life, and it has been good. I have met and learned about people. I have enjoyed the people as never before.

Time has thus flown by. Yes that has been one thing, but there have been bigger issues along the way. These have been nice people I have met, good people, people who are good to be with. Ah! There is the deception! They may feel the same about me (I hope) but there also is deception.  Whenever I have taught about us being made in the image of God, I have always marvelled at the shear wonder of the potential of us human beings. We have the potential to be incredible, to write incredible music  or stories, to invent wonderful life-saving machines, develop life-saving medicines, do great and glorious things for one another, even laying down our lives for one another….but!

There we are, looking so good to the outward world and yet for so many of us, full of doubts, questions, worries, fears, anxieties, dislikes, even hatreds. There inside for so many there is an inner emptiness that should be filled with the presence of God – but we have bought into the lie that He is not there or if He is, He doesn’t care about us or, even worse, that He’s out to get us – and because we have, there is such a difference between what the world sees on a good day, and what we are like on the inside.

I live in a society that has bought into this lie and I am here to love them and do good for them and if one day, they ask me why, I’ll tell them about the One who loves them so much, He sent His Son to put things right between Him and them. But for the moment, I’ll enjoy them and just serve them and let Him move as He will.  The most important thing in life is that I do what He says – and then I can leave the rest to Him. He loves this town of mine and He loves every individual in it. One day I hope many of them will believe that, but it’s early days yet.

So there it is. It’s on the record. God is Good, and God loves us. If you need some encouragement to believe that, then may I recommend Philip Yancey’s recent book, “What Good is God?”  Personally I think it is is his best yet. Enjoy.








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