God in the Headlines

6 09 2010

1“Once upon a time there were newspapers, and the newspapers did report the news. 2Then the newspaper proprietor-in-chief said, “We need to sell more copies – make the news!” 3Meanwhile in heaven the angels came to present themselves before the Lord (Job 1:6) and Satan came with them. 4The Lord said to Satan, “Nudge one of your lads to say something silly again. My people are getting lethargic and need stirring up.” 5And verily on the first day the Times newspaper did quote from Stephen Hawking’s latest book, with great clamour, for the said Stephen Hawking did declare that God did not create the universe, and the Lord simply looked down and smiled as Rowan Williams and many other great religious names did rise up and take the headlines on the second day. 6And lo, A-level RE teachers throughout the land gave thanks for the free resource material provided for them.”

In case you weren’t aware, that basically is what has been happening in this past week.  God grabbed the headlines on two consecutive days and the rumblings will no doubt continue on for a while.

What are we to make of Stephen Hawking’s pronouncements?

Theories not Facts

First of all realise that what is being talked about is theory not fact. This is just one atheist pontificating from his clever viewpoint.  Fans of ‘The Italian Job’ will remember Michael Caine’s closing words as they hang out over a deep ravine, “Hang on lads, I’ve got an idea!” The learned professor has some ideas – and that’s all they are.


Stephen Hawking is a very clever professor with a brain bigger than most of us. The trouble with such people is that there are very few of the rest of us who can understand their pronouncements. From a scientific standpoint there is virtually no one who can say, “Well, actually, no….”  A dangerous position!

Quantum Physics opened the door

Quantum Physics is an area of science where things don’t work as they should. Scientists are quite divided about whether Quantum Physics is real but it opened a door of thinking that said, “You can believe anything really.” Thus SH now says, it is possible for something to come from nothing; it’s OK to believe that. However, for the rest of us, the concept that ‘something’ can come from ‘nothing-nothing’ (as Schaeffer Schaeffer called absolutely nothing) is utterly impossible and science itself has always declared that – until now!

But Supposing…

Supposing, just supposing, that beyond our wildest imaginations there is some ‘mechanical way’ for something to come from nothing. That is still a process and the Bible’s claim is that God is the One who has designed all processes. Even if such a process exists (and it seems unlikely), that still doesn’t prove God doesn’t exist; it merely reveals one more staggeringly clever part of His design of the world.

Didn’t ‘God say’?

The Biblical record is that God spoke the command and it was done – something came into being, the world was created. How He did it is beyond us; how long He took to do it is debatable. An atheist says He didn’t; the Bible says He did. Choose which authority you believe!




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