The Loss of Truth

8 06 2010

It has been over a month since I last wrote here. I fear writing. I read so many good writers and wonder whatever have I got to contribute and how badly I compare with them. Yet I find myself here, clicking on a keyboard again.

The election has gone and the dust has settled. Our new Prime Minister makes seriously ominous noises about the difficult times to come, even with talk about our whole lifestyles changing, yet somehow I have this feeling of unreality. Yes, I am sure there are people unemployed now who were not two years ago. Yes, I am sure I  am paying more tax now than I was two years ago but bizarrely life continues on and on. I’m not sure what is real or true any longer. Where I live there are still as many people out shopping and still as many people taking holidays. Is that genuinely coming to an end soon?

I suspect that when we move into the realm of Government policy we should never try thinking about truth. The last government put much stress on the values of early learning and reports today say we spend £5B annually on early years provision.  A report from the Office of National Statistics now suggests there is little or no impact on outcomes from starting children off that much earlier.  On a day when my third grandchild is starting nursery school for the first time, I am grateful that it is there, but am under no illusions about its impact on her which comes far more, I am sure, from her parents (and hopefully grandparents!!!).  I have this horrible feeling that so many chickens bred in the past thirteen years are coming home to roost. The truth was not out there!

I recently stood in a Freeport, looking around as my wife shopped in this environment that is artificial and soulless. It is supposed to be a place where you can buy good more cheaply than in the high street, yet it seems they are cheap because they are the rubbish end of each firm’s products, the cheap and nasty end. The range of shoes or clothes didn’t even seem as good as in the high street. We were being sold a lie. I will stay away for a long time until my memory has dulled and my wife asks that we visit again. That Freeport appears a place of deception. The truth is not there.

In the past month we also had reported in the media, a court case involving three young children and questions of the ability of young children to tell the truth was questioned. I have also heard of a case of a man of otherwise impeccable morality being accused of abuse by a girl of eight – and being found guilty on no more than her word, despite contrary evidence and despite a dubious background of child and immediate family.  It is a seriously worrying world where our fear of abuse has frightened us into a loss of perspective where truth has been lost.

And then there have been the funny phone calls. The first one was several weeks ago, purporting to be  from a Building Society and started out asking for security information. I assumed a scam and put the phone down. A week later a similar call, apparently from NatWest bank starting out the same way. Ditto response –  but I started wondering. A few days later a further call apparently from NatWest. This time I asked questions which seemed to fluster the caller who talked about my loan application. I haven’t made one I insisted. He left sounding even more flustered. Yesterday a fourth call, apparently from a firm of surveys who had been instructed by a man from NatWest in Birmingham to carry out a survey for us on a house in the district we were thinking of buying. No, we weren’t. Is someone trying to take NatWest for money in my name?  Have you tried making contact with a bank recently on the phone – not easy! Eventually I gatecrashed  a girl at the security side of the credit card centre who eventually transferred me to the fraud people, who appeared very laid back. Perhaps it happens so often they don’t care. Oh well, I did warn them.   Identity theft is a major industry today and it’s all about lies and deception.  The truth is out there somewhere – perhaps!

I fear because my God is concerned for truth and justice and both seem to be in increasingly short supply in our society today. But it is Summer and so when the sun  shines we can forget about the nasty elements of life – but they are still there. My only hope is that even as truth seems to have gone out on the tide, one of these days it will come rushing back in and life will change for the better. A misguided hope? Time will tell.




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