Truth is a Strange Thing

3 05 2010

I’m writing this simply because I haven’t written here for some time and if I don’t soon the General Election will have come and gone. This election appears to be unique within living memory. It looks like it will be very close for the three main parties and it has been portrayed in the media as a presidential campaign with the three main contenders appearing in three live debates and their daily activities being reported – but virtually none of that by other leading members of their parties, except on special mini-debates. It has been a media run election.

It is also unique, I believe, because of the nature of the economic situation we find ourselves in.  There is only one of the three main leaders, Gordon Brown, who is in any real position to accurately say what he and his party will do in terms of our economic future because he alone of the three has access to all the current government figures. The others are haphazarding guesses. The suggestion has been in the media that all three have not been able to say accurately how they will deal with the present economic climate. One wonders therefore of the value, in reality, of all of the talk of policies, and of how they will all be slid to the side in the face of reality in say a year’s time. The truth may be ‘out there’ but I am sure we don’t know what it is.

For that reason I suggest that when all the shouting is over the simplest and most logical approach is to say, Brown has failed to bring in the goods over fourteen years,  and has even contributed to the bad state of affairs, and so is a non-runner.  Clegg is a new boy on the block who though appearing charismatic has no experience behind him and the thought of letting lose a bunch of untried brand new politicians as government is scary. Which only leaves Cameron who doesn’t appear everyone’s cup of tea, but is the only alternative. He does at least have a lot experience in those who stand behind him. We’ll see if the electorate comes up with this conclusion later this week.

If the media are half right, then whoever is the next leader will have just picked up one of the worst jobs in modern history for whoever is in power we ARE going through stringent times it would appear.  The best bet option appears to get business back into a thriving position so they make much money, employ many people, produce much tax revenue and thus provide income for government to spend and help pay off debts and sustain services . Everything else is of secondary importance it seems but, yes, we will worry about education, pensions and the health services but unless we generate income we are lost. So who will do it and will they be able to do it? Time will tell.

Another thing I am certain of and that is that it’s going to be a painful time and in painful times people squeal and look for help. The Church, the sole keepers of the truth, has the opportunity to be seen as the gold nuggets in society as it provides an alternative caring lifestyle that brings security in a way that no one else can bring. Is it possible that God has brought us to this point of history so that, as Jesus said, the fields are white for harvest? If so, is the church ready, waiting and watching. Let’s not miss the opportunities of the years immediately ahead of us that may be so difficult for so many who may at last start coming to their senses and reject the materialistic and godless lifestyle that have adopted for so long.




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