Reiterating the Old

5 07 2009

We live, we are told by some, in a postmodern world, where experience counts more than truth.  We live, the media tell us, in a corrupt world where politicians and bankers feather their own nests at the expense of the rest of us. We live in a world, it seems to many of us, that is falling apart at the seams.

Yet in all this nothing changes!   Many years ago when opportunities opened up for me to travel the globe and teach, in my weakness I cried, “Lord, what can I possibly say to people on the other side of the world, who have cultures so utterly different from my own?”  His reply was that their needs were exactly the same as those of the people around me in my own church and my own community.  And so it proved to be. As I travelled and spoke I found people with exactly the same needs, and it didn’t matter what colour skin they had or what sort of culture they came from.  They all needed to know that their sin was forgiven and that God loved them!

Nothing changes. The corrupt or self-serving politicians merely tell us what the Gospel has declared for two thousand years: we are all sinners and  when God lifts off His hand of restraint from our society, we are free to do outwardly what inwardly we have been thinking all along – and it’s not good!

I feel sorry for humanists and atheists who so often proclaim their optimism in man’s goodness, for life must be a real trial for them as every time they open their paper they see man’s badness being proclaimed. More money, more education, more technology, more of this or that, they proclaim – then man’s goodness will be revealed. The facts deny that.

How the Gospel of God is justified, day in, day out. Yes, we have great potential for goodness, but we squander it on self-centredness and self-serving.  We grab for ourselves and make the most of the moment – and then justify it, in our own minds at least, and we remain deceived.

Yet again and again, I see sinful men and women come to the end of themsevles and encounter the living God through His Son, Jesus Christ, and I see lives transformed for good. That is the Gospel at work, and it never changes, it is always the same – forgiveness and restoration and new life are always there for the taking. It is the only hope we have for the future. If we let the blind optimists lead us, we’ll continue to go down and down into a world of darkness and despair. Nothing changes! When we tuirn to God through His Son, Jesus Christ, then suddenly light and life pour forth and hope becomes real. Nothing changes – except when we come to God.




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6 07 2009

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