The Fear of Christianity

10 02 2009

The Fear of Christianity
or “A Strange Case of Bias”

Over the last couple of years, as I think I’ve probably commented here before, I’ve found myself pondering the gradual revelation of God, provoked on by various notorious atheists who I have to thank for stirring up my apathy. I guess there are probably quite a lot of Christians whose faith is sharper today courtesy of such names as Dawkins and Hitchens. What these unhappy guys don’t realise is that there is so much evidence for those who have eyes to see, that it only needs Christians to be stirred up for them to revisit their foundations and be strengthened afresh. I think heaven must be falling around laughing at the present time, over Dawkin’s campaign that has put large posters about God on London buses. Whereas he intends them to be negative, he’s obviously never heard the advertising mantra that ‘all publicity is good publicity’.  How many Londoners are being woken out of their apathy by thoughts of God every time they see the Dawkins’ posters. Nice one Richard.

Back to my subject, though. If I were a visitor to this planet and I studied the human race, and heard talk about Christianity, even if I knew nothing about it, my interest would be instantly raised, wondering why it produces such hostility.  In the West all the other world religions are just tolerated but there is an all-out war against Christianity. If for no other reason, this would stir my interest.

So, I suspect I would enquire about the origins of this faith and find out that it is based on thousands and thousands of ancient documents that testify to the existence on this planet two thousand years ago of a man going by the name of Jesus, the Christ.  But then I would have my eyes taken back to the skeptics again and I would be left wondering why it is that historians and others are quite happy to accept the quite often minimalistic evidence from the past of other so-called historical figures and yet deny avidly the volumes of historical evidence pointing to Jesus Christ. What is it that makes such people so biased against the obvious evidence, so that their very integrity appears in question.

Perhaps I might examine the lives of the followers of this Jesus over the past two thousand years and after I have ruled out those who were followers in name only and not followers according to the criteria in the Book, and then compare these followers with followers of other faiths and of none, and I might wonder why their goodness is so hated by those others. What is it that raises such hostility that rejects the evidence of the historical documents and of the changed lives?  Finally I might start looking at the lives of those who are so hostile and understand – they are afraid. They are afraid of the light that shows them up. Oh my goodness, they have accepted a lie and dare not consider the truth with an open mind!  They are found wanting, and the liar has obviously told them that there is no hope for them – which, of course, is the exact opposite of the truth that this Christianity reveals.




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