A Baby?

23 12 2008

A Robin sat, perched on a branch overseeing the garden, a blackbird scuffed among the leaves and two pigeons sat on a nearby aerial, cooing at each other. It’s almost Christmas Day and they haven’t a clue! On Christmas Day they’ll still be here in the garden completely unaware that we humans – well a few of us anyway – are celebrating the most incredible event in human history.

But then I wonder if we are better than they? Do we really comprehend the wonder of the birth of this baby some two thousand years ago?  Do we really understand what it means that this was God in human form? If He had appeared in some massive ghostly cloud,  hundreds of miles high, it might have scared the life out of us, but at least we’d have had an idea of what it was all about – an incredibly powerful God making Himself known.

But instead what did He do? Came as a baby! A baby! How can a baby possibly be God? How can a baby represent the all-powerful, all knowing, all-wise, ever present God that the Bible speaks about?  Perhaps if we think of Him for a moment as light, perhaps we might grasp 1% of what was happening. In the coming of the baby all we have is a pin-prick of light in the darkness, hardly recognisable. By the time he is grown and out and about in the countryside, speaking, teaching, healing and transforming people, it is like a pencil light shining into the darkness. One day, when we get to heaven, it will be like bright day and He is the source of all that brightness.  But now it’s a baby and how can a pin-prick of light impact and transform the world?

The baby won’t but what he is will, when he is really seen for who he is. But for now, it leaves questions for so many. As I have pondered this over the years, I have almost anguished for those who just deride and can’t be bothered to think about what this pin-prick and then this pencil-shaft of light was about. It’s understandable that people don’t see, and don’t understand, because it does take a seeking heart to see and to understand.

And therein is a truth that is difficult to take in, that perhaps the very reason that God came in this form was to reveal US as we really are. I am challenged by the apostle Paul’s words about those who,seek glory, honour and immortality contrasting such people with those who are self-seeking and who reject the truth and follow evil.” (Rom 2:7&8)  Here is a truth. There are people who really desire after good, who desire after truth and who desire to know if there is something more than this ‘three score years and ten’ life on this earth. There is a quality about these people that makes them stand out and it seems that perhaps God came in the way He did, so that only such people would realise who He was and would reveal, in their responses to Him, who they were.

There are those who strive to be good for a variety of reasons. Some to appease a deep down guilt, some to prove that they are better than others, and then there are those who Paul had in mind who did good because they were certain that there was more to this life than meets the eye, and they wanted somehow, in some way, perhaps through their goodness, to reach through all the artificiality of this life and touch the One who is real.

Such people, when they hear about the ‘Christmas story’ pause and wonder, but they are not satisfied, so they read and read and seek and seek and in seeking, they find the One, and eventually realise that through this One they indeed receive glory, honour and immortality. In such a way they are truly better off than the birds in my garden who have no knowledge of this wonder. Don’t just ‘glance’ at the Christmas story; sit down and take it in, ponder it, wonder about it, and rejoice in the incredible One you see there.




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