Gadfly Games in Beijing

9 08 2008

So, for the last week, we’ve been hearing of a little Pastor from Los Angeles who has been painting the walls of hotel bedrooms in Beijing. That took some courage! That took a lot of resolve, and so here was a guy who obviously feels strongly about the issues. What were they? Simply the oppression of Chinese Christians who have been getting put in prison, beaten, tortured and even killed, for no other reason than they want to worship freely and share their faith with whoever wants to listen.

I think I need to reiterate some of my sentiments from my last writing. Bear with me if it seems repetitious; it bears repeating.  A Government that uses such bullying tactics must be seriously scared. Are they so insecure that they cannot stand anyone saying things that are different from their own dogma?   If I didn’t have any other reason for rejecting Communism as a world political philosophy this would be an adequate reason to do that. Who in their right mind can support a regime that actively hunts down its citizens simply because they disagree – and then torture them to death!

Please don’t close your mind by a weak excuse that “these things are exaggerated”. ‘These things’ are documented by highly respectable human rights organisations. People have been imprisoned and tortured in China, for their faith – this year – when they have been given the dubious right to host the Games.

I confess I gave up watching the opening spectacular after an hour or so. I actually felt sickened. Here was the most brilliant display, costing an absolute fortune, and yet those employed to build the venues were often paid a mere pitance, while thousands were pushed out of their homes to sanitise the area. Within a relatively short distance of Beijing are, according to the Press, a number of ‘gulags’ where dissidents are held in large numbers. The amount that was spent on this incredible display would have gone a long way to helping the poor! It’s all about impressing the watching world. Failed!

As a Brit I look forward to the 2012 Games with total dread. How can a tiny country (by comparison) like the UK compete with the mega-bucks that were spent on this extravaganza?  Do we want to? Even in the first hour, it became clear that this was a hypocritical display of self-agrandisement that must have had Mao turning in his grave. The Cultural Revolution sought to wipe off the face of the earth everything that was being displayed the other night. This was a dying communist party trying to convince the world that it’s good to be Chinese and “watch out world, we’re coming!” It had that feel to it. Why do I say they are dying? Because history shows that the forces of capitalism, once let in, undermine it. The signs are there.

It was this sickening sense of self-agrandisement that I found the most repulsive. Yes, every nation does it, but I wonder if the UK might have the courage to do something different?  For instance, here are the nations of the world coming together, so how about celebrating EVERYONE’S uniqueness and contribution to the global village. Surely the time has come to stop all this grandstanding hypocrisy. Any nation that beats up its citizens for having varying beliefs isn’t worthy of the name of ‘world power’. If you want to be a world power, the criteria are different in the twenty first century from the nineteenth. The world has moved on and in some (a few) ways is wiser. We are NOT impressed by nations who give financial support and aid to other repressive governments. We don’t like your repression. You may feel big inside your own borders but to the rest of us you are a petty dictator. 

And all this came from a little-big man who painted some bedroom walls. You did a good job my friend; the world has been talking about it ever since. It is provoking discussions, just like this one (OK, it’s one sided, it’s a blog for goodness sake! You know what I mean!) It’s time the IOC leaders and other world leaders grabbed some of the opportunities, like President Bush did in Thailand, to raise concerns about the childish and spiteful behaviour of this potentially great nation. Go for it Gadfly; continue to speak out as a voice for the voiceless! We’re watching you!




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17 08 2008

We’ve included your blog on as a blog that’s talking about The Gadfly project.

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