What’s happening in China?

3 08 2008

Well here we are, a week off the start of the China Olympics and questions are flying all over the place. Perhaps the biggest one has nothing to do with the Games themselves but more with transparency and reality. The nature of this site presupposes a spiritual content but there seems nothing very spiritual to comment upon in respect of China and the Olympics – except for the fact that Christianiy, and therefore the world view of this site, has lots to do with honesty and reality, both of which seem in short supply in resect of much of the goings on to do with this year’s Olympics.

From a mere minor outsider’s view of what is happening, it seems as if the authorities in China are running scared, as is witnessed by their defensiveness in the face of the world’s media. Over recent years major Western powers have taken a hammering over Iraq and the way they have handled or mishandled terrorist theats, but the big thing is that the world media has been free to comment and criticise. Part of the apparent fear in the authorities in China seems to be in respect of their unwillingness to face the world’s media criticism of their human rights abuses, so they seem to be trying to restrict the world’s media to reporting purely the Games and nothing else.  Now that is strange because one might think that here is a mighty nation of growing influence in the world who, if they had the courage of their convictions, would not care about what others said – but they obviously do. Now that suggests two things. First there ARE things for them to feel defensive about – they obviously do not have a CLEAR CONSCIENCE about what they have been doing in suppressing other nations they claim to be under their control, or groupings within China who do not agree with their way of thinking. The concern of this site would obviously be in respect of the so-called underground church in China numbering some seventy million Christians.

Now I’ve always thought that if your philosophy of life is actually so good and so right, then people would flock to it and you shouldn’t need to be defensive about it, which suggests that those who espouse atheistic communism must have a built-in fear or even paranoia about the weakness of their belief which can only be upheld by force. Is it possible, therefore, that deep down even those at the top of the communist pile are inwardly fearfuland unhappy about the integity of their belief system, and that they only maintain it and uphold it by force, to maintain their own material positions of power within an otherwise unstable institution?

We are of course talking about a great nation that once spoke in high terms about honour and keeping face, and the two went together. What is sad, therefore, is that very clearly they have already lost face before the rest of the world and are desperately in denial of that fact, unaware that all honour has been lost in the way they treat their religious minority. Observing human rights abuses which are clearly documented across the world, sadly there is no way that honour and China can be seen to walk hand in hand. Perhaps it may be argued that this is not true of any nation, but even if that was so, it is especially sad in respect of China because of their past.

The indications that seem to be given at the present are that once the Games are over, the strict control of the nation and especially the media within the nation will be even more harshly imposed, simply reinforcing what has been suggsted above. Here is a nation with an authority structure that is perhaps crumbling from the inside from guilt. This blog obviously subscribes to a belief in a sovereign God, one who does in fact change the fate of nations, and what I am left wondering at this time is, what exactly is God doing or going to do with China, a nation that in the past half century has decried Him, and which has received more than one warning from Him? I’m not sure that those at the top of the pile are feeling so secure as they once might have felt, and maybe they have good cause to feel that. Maybe, just maybe, God is quielty playing on their consciences and so maybe, just maybe, they realise that their time is limited. It will be interesting to watch the coming days. Seeking to be gracious, we might wish that this once great nation becomes truly great again, but that is nothing to do with status achieved through economic or trophy means; it is more to do with the heart and mind. As we said, it will be interesting to see what happens in coming days.




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