Thoughts of Heaven (1)

11 07 2008

I was driving along in my car having visited a friend who, humanly speaking, doesn’t look like she has long in this world, and my thoughts flowed to my own father who died a number of years ago from cancer, but a short while before dying made, I am certain, a profession of faith. I anticipate seeing him when I reach heaven.

Now I’m aware that this little paragraph above presupposes a whole load of things, and I really don’t want to be bothered here to ‘prove’ them, but just recognise them. First, is that I am certain that there is an existence, after life on this earth, called heaven. I believe that because the Bible says it and I’ve come to trust what the Bible says. “Why?” is another story, and this is not the place to tell it. But I believe and, in fact, I am certain about its existence.

Second, I go along with the Bible’s assertion that not everyone goes there. I’m quite comfortable with that because I see that throughout our lives God gives us the ability to make choices about our lives and presumably, as the Bible says, about our destiny after this earth. I’m not going in to the alternative to heaven; that also is another story and here is not the place to tell it. Part of this confidence, that not everyone goes there, is linked to the means that the Bible seems to spell out quite clearly, which is that Jesus Christ is the doorway to heaven. Whether anyone or any other way exists, seems highly doubtful although the apostle, Paul, does seem to make some suggestions in the early pages of his letter to the Romans.

Third, I have this expectation of seeing my father again because he did, I am certain, make a profession of faith that will have carried him to heaven, even though his time after on earth was very short. I would also add that I am also certain that I will see my mother there as well, because she also made a profession of faith and lived by it a number of years before her time came to depart this planet – but this is more about thoughts of my father, so I’ll stick with him if I may. Having pondered this as I drove along, I realise that I have made a great jump of faith in saying, “I anticipate seeing him” because the Bible doesn’t actually say that, but it says a number of things that imply that possibility.

That takes us on to ponder about just how much we ‘know’ and how much we have to ‘assume’ or even guess at. There are those who like to be utterly dogmatic about every aspect of their faith, but I would suggest that their dogmatism is actually a sign of their insecurity. I believe I am more sure of my faith now, after forty years of being a Christian, and yet I am also more sure that there are many things over which we cannot be utterly dogmatic, and if we are, we just show ourselves to be silly to thinking people. I like the way Francis Schaeffer used to put it – the Bible doesn’t tell us everything but it tells us sufficient upon which to build faith. The bits I am not certain about I’m happy with, because of the assurances that I have with the bits that one can be sure about, and heaven is a bit like this.


(This is going to be a long blog, so I’ll stop there for the moment and continue with some more in a day or so. This is enough to ponder on for the time being. I’ll explain more shortly)




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3 08 2008

Very nice!!

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