Struggling with Frustration

20 06 2008

I know of a prophet who, about a decade ago, prophesied that the Christian world was going to struggle with anger over frustration, increasingly in the years to come, because of a growing sense of helplessness in the modern world.

I have commented recently about the deteriorating situation in Zimbabwe and it is good to read that Condoleezza Rice has raised it in the context of war crimes at the United Nations – despite much opposition from South Africa, Russia, China, Vietnam, Indonesia and Libya. What a bunch insecure nations! But it is a frustrating situation, sitting on the sidelines and reading helplessly about more and more brutalities and killings of opposition members in this disgraceful African state.

But it was actually another piece of news today that made me realise my sense of frustration – that of the so-called ratifying of the Lisbon Treaty by this British government. It was only with the help of Liberal Democrats in the House of Lords that this was achieved. Hold on, I found myself thinking, do i want that, is that something that is good for Britain, or for anyone else for that matter, and I felt helplessly angry.

A little bit of web searching produced some interesting thoughts. One highly placed person has written, “The Treaty retains most of the content of the proposed EU Constitution which was rejected in the French and Dutch referendums on 29 May and 1 June 2005 respectively.”  This seems to confirm the recent cry after pro-Europe politicians have essentially rejected Ireland’s referendum rejection of the Treaty, that politicians will simply go round the will of the people an do what they want anyway!

On one ‘ANTI’ blog, one comment posted in response declared, “To be honest I just don’t know what you are looking for- and I don’t mean just you Frank, it is the majority of people out there!- there are a huge amount of websites, the independent commission has put out a leaflet, information is available in libraries and from government agencies, there are booklets, leaflets and hundreds of newspaper column inches… not to mention radio and TV giving it hours of coverage!!!”    That sounded a reasonable response except most people  don’t go to libraries or government agencies; they simply listen to TV and a few read newspapers which aren’t best known for their concise delivery of facts.

Realising that I am one of the suggested 95% of the population who really don’t have a clue about what was in the Treaty (no doubt heard about it in headlines some time back but lost it in the welter of ongoing daily information) I went to a website giving an easy-read version of the Treaty. Easy read! There are 336 pages of PDF document to read!  No wonder few of us understand it! Kill the population and get your way by paper!

So here we are objecting to Robert Mugabe pushing his will but we find Gordon Brown doing exactly the same. The only difference is that Mugabe does it blatantly with violence, and Brown does it by force of political words.  Of course Brown is much more sophisticated but his goal is just the same, to force through his own will despite what the rest of us think. Well done the French, Dutch and Irish. I have a feeling if the Brits were given a free voice, they too would join the unhappy club.

Is it any wonder there is anger in the land? I have a feeling that history will weigh Gordon Brown’s years of influence in the balance and find him wanting. History, I suspect, will blame him for many of Britain’s greatest woes, financial, economic and social, him and his predecessor of course.

I have also been giving some thought recently to the up and coming Olympics and the human rights abuses of the Chinese government. What don’t I like about them?  They exert their atheistic will over their population and suppress some 50 to 60 million Chinese Christians and persecute, imprison, torture and kill their leaders.  Another case of government domination, but I now find myself feeling similarly about my own government who refuse to give me the right to speak in a meaningful way about our future and how we want, as a people, to live it out.  That is no doubt an over reaction, but that is what frustration does. I may be wrong about my feelings about the Lisbon Treaty but I’m deeply unhappy about the way our politicians are steamrollering it through.  Frustrated? You bet I am.




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