Confused Minds

13 03 2008

I am constantly surprised whenever I come across those optimistic atheists who get upset by the Bible’s concept of Sin. Oh no, they say, we the human race are evolving and getting better and better all the time. We have no need of God, we have no need of a Saviour like your Jesus, we’re all right. I really wonder sometimes which world these people are living in.
As we watched a recent episode of ‘ER’ recently my wife commented, “They can’t help but focus on the fact that sin has bad consequences, can they!” That programme like so many ‘soaps’ shows again and again that “a man reaps what he sows” and his ‘sowing’ is frequently stupid. The writer of the Proverbs in the Bible wrote “a man who commits adultery lacks judgment, whoever does so destroys himself,” yet adultery (portrayed so often in these soaps) is so common in modern Western societies and the fruits are so easy to see – yet no one says, “This behavious is stupid!” 
 The British government recently indicated that it might be thinking about getting British children to swear an oath of allegiance to the Queen and the British people. Any same person would know that such a thing was likely to create a hostile reaction – and it did. Again and again we find a government coming up with suggestions that any sane person knows is not going to happen. Stupidity is an outworkign of sin.

This self-centred, godlessness is so clearly seen reaping disasterous fruit in our society today and yet still vain optimism reigns. The truth of the Gospel is that good news has to be proceeded by bad news. We need to recognise our own foolishness before we can see our need and the wonder of God’s provision to meet that need. Read the papers, watch your TV. They are full of it. It’s time to live in reality.




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