All in the Mind (3)

7 02 2008

The human mind can create bizarre ways of thinking and even more bizarre ways of behaviour. Superstition is something that humanists suggest will disappear with education. I wish! People will be good when they are educated has been a humanistic mantra for a long time, in fact right the way throughout the last century, yet historians tell us that it was one of the most bloody of modern centuries. A certain little German with a moustache had a set of ideas about a master race that resulted in the murder of over six million Jews and the deaths of millions more in battle and through bombing. A moustached soviet also had a set of ideas that resulted in the deaths, it is sometimes suggested, of over sixty million of his own people. Deaths for the sake of an idea.
If you really want to be emotive you talk about the deaths of millions of unborn children across the world by abortions. Again for the sake of an idea: my body is mine. Future generations may look back in horror. Politics is all about competing ideas – and so is personal behaviour. As Western countries in particular have cast aside moral absolutes, we are left with ‘anything goes’. The apostle Paul’s warning that “a man reaps what he sows” (Gal 6:7) is straight common sense one might say, but it is increasingly disregarded.
The story of Adam and Eve is often jeered at but the truth is to be seen nevertheless, when the serpent sowed the seeds of the first deception with his, “It will be all right!”  It frequently isn’t. The girl who listens to the plea of her boyfriend, “It’s all right,” frequently finds it isn’t and an unwanted pregnancy or an unwanted STD just proves the point. When finance houses invite gullible people to take out bigger loans with, “It’ll be all right,” the ensuing loss that many are now finding, proves that it wasn’t ‘all right’.
But have you noticed when we talk like this, we are accused of being scaremongers or killjoys. Why shouldn’t I do what I like, is a common attitude which continues to prevail despite a growing number of newspaper and magazine articles that pour out statistics showing the destructive behaviour patterns of modern societies. The evidence is piling up yet public perception refuses to accept it. Recently a survey suggested that a large percentage of people thought cohabitation or divorce were acceptable alternatives within modern societies, yet the figures mount up showing that both are severely detrimental to human society.
So why do we act like lemmings, abandoning common sense at every turn? The Bible speaks about something called ‘Sin’, the propensity to self-centred rebellion against authority (God’s especially), but of course many people would prefer to rubbish that concept. Once you do that all you are left with is the shallow comment, “The human mind is a strange thing!”  The tragedy of that is that it is an acceptance of what is, without there being any hope of an answer, and it keeps people locked into the mentality of “It will be all right” because, for them, there is no answer. Something new has entered the world called optimistic-pessimism. Think about it.





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