1 02 2008

Friday, the end of the working week and precursor to the weekend. I started writing this post twenty minutes ago and speculated on what people do on Friday nights and at the weekend, and found my writing becoming jaded and superficial, and I want to do neither jaded nor superficial, so I wiped it.  I don’t want to moralise either about the antics of the escapist society at the weekend. That just sounds pompous, and there’s enough of that in the world without me adding to it!

I go on Face-book to see what people I know are doing and saying. I find it an encounter with the very young at heart, and no longer being young, I find it best to be a mere observer. But I came across a girl I know – young lady, call her what you will – who has just changed her photo to one where she is lying back and sticking her tongue out. I wanted to weep. Why?  Because I know this girl, or to be more precise, I know a little of her and she is beautiful and has a wonderful voice but everything about her now screams, “Life sucks!” and that is tragic. I believe I know something of her potential, of what she could be, and that makes it even worse. To add to that she became a Christian but a Christian boy falling off the rails did her no favours and she too ‘fell off the rails’ and fell into materialistic hedonism, to use the language, a chaser of pleasure. However, when you do that so often you loose perspective in many different ways, and she made a bad choice of a man who eventually almost destroyed her.

Alcohol now seems to play quite a large part in her life and the tragedy continues. She won’t let anyone close and so those whose hearts are filled with love and concern for her are kept at arm’s distance. To watch this ongoing drama is not like a TV soap, for this is real and if a TV soap upsets you, so much more should real life. Hollywood hasn’t been bad over the years at producing films with the message, “the truth will set you free.”  It was Jesus who said, “You will know the truth and the truth will set you free” (Jn 8:32) but few people seem to know the context:  “If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know ….”

The context of those verses show us that the listeners did not understand as so often they don’t today.  He had just been speaking about his death, about who he was and why he came. That is his teaching which so-called disciples of his need to believe, that God loves us each so much that He has reached out through His Son to deal with the source of our pain – our guilt and our shame – and He seeks to draw us into His loving arms where we can feel secure and loved and comforted and healed and encouraged and accepted by Him. THAT is the teaching Jesus refers to and that is the truth that sets us free.

When we know that we are utterly love, we are transformed. Tonight thousands who do not know that they are utterly loved, will try to compensate for that in their Friday night out. Perhaps that why Friday night out ought to be called tragedy night.  Should you stumble across this Blog and see yourself on this page, read the paragraph above once more and know that that describes God’s love for YOU.  Ponder on it before a painful life drives you out into who knows what tonight. Be loved.




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