Where are we going?

25 01 2008

Browse back if you like over these last blogs. What have we observed? A recognition that live is made up of experience after experience, a recognition that we sometimes hurt ourselves by what we do, yet we don’t want to be chided, just loved and accepted; the recognition that although we get abused and hurt, mostly we keep on. Then came pondering about the reality of our experiences and especially of church experiences, and finally an imaginary pastor looking into the minds of his hurting flock. Each one of those hurting people are going through experiences where they cry out to be loved and accepted and understood. The awful thing is that God through Jesus understands us, feels with us, loves us and accepts us as we are – but has committed His caring into our hands. He wants those of us who call ourselves His children to be that expression of love, caring, acceptance and understanding to one another – and so often we do it so badly.

So does that make me want to give up?  No!  I read Richard Dawkins’ book The God Delusion last year. I read his words, “If this book works as I intend, religious readers who open it will be atheists when they put it down,” and felt really sad for him and for the church. I felt sad for him because the only Christians this very bright man has come across have never let him know the simple wonder of their experiences with God. I felt sad also because in my knowledge of the church there have been many utterly selfless people, given over to helping others, and they tend to be the main people injecting good into our society without vitriolic condemnation of the rest, but no mention of these people is given in the condemnation of The God Delusion.

No, I don’t want to give up; no I don’t want to become an atheist because  a) I have thought through the pros and cons of both sides and Biblical Christian faith as traditionally seen wins hands down (don’t denounce it until you understand it genuinely), and b) I have seen the wonder of lives transformed for good through the knowledge of Jesus Christ.

If Richard and others can say they have witnessed the down and out, the drunkard or the prostitute being radically transformed for good when they heard the enlightening words of atheism, then great. All I know is that I have witnessed many, many people’s life experiences utterly transformed for good through the good news about Jesus Christ that Richard wants to denounce. How sad is that.




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