Hello conscious world!

22 01 2008

Wow! It’s happened! I’ve dipped my toe in the water! Wow! Life is full of new experiences!  We live in a world of experiences – I’ve been having them ever since I became conscious. Strange when you come to think about it. Most of the time we’re having ‘an experience’ but don’t actually think about it.

 I suppose a lot of the time we do actually choose the experience we’re having but I guess we frequently don’t ever think where this particular one might lead. We just leap in and it seemed a good idea at the time.

There are other experiences that just force themselves on us. We’re walking down the street minding our own business when some idiot screams abuse at us, for no other reason that he fancied doing it. I’ve just had the experience of being abused and I didn’t ask for it. In fact I didn’t like it and it raised very negative feelings within me.

I suppose the feelings that are generated by ‘an experience’ are innumerable. I have an experience that involves another person and can feel happy, overjoyed, sad, upset, angry and so many more.

So if I look back over today, what do I think about today’s ‘experiences’? Interesting thought. I think I’ll go away and think about that.




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